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Crip Podcast: Episode 3 - Connectivity

We have finally come to our third episode, and we’re just getting started! We’ve been getting a lot of comments, feedback and peptalks about our podcast, and that really pushes us forward to make this even greater. So if you have anything to say – maybe our posts and podcasts has helped you in some way, or you have a story that you want to share – please, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

In this episode we continue to discuss collaboration, but also life capturing, connectivity, startup culture, Taylor Swift, Biohacking and more!

We talked about (roughly in order):

  • 00:18 Introduction
  • 01:12 Going over last week.
  • 02:40 How do we document our lives to keep track?
  • 06:50 Collaboration tools
  • 11:50 Are companies good at keeping a good culture when they go from startup to a big company?
  • 18:10 Taylor Swift vs. Spotify
  • 23:21 What happens next week?
  • 24:53 What is the next thing that will keep us connected?
  • 30:40 Wrapping up.