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Crip Podcast: Episode 4 - Geordie Keitt

Geordie Keitt

In todays podcast we’re going to interview a highly passioned Software tester. He’s context driven and always hungry to learn more. The guy we're talking about is of course Geordie Keitt.

Geordie is a truly inspirational person that deliver the product feedback developers, project leads, and business deciders need by fostering realistic expectations and achievable goals for testing, planning the simplest testing approach to gather data, and presenting the data to steer the project.

So in this episode we dig deep into Geordie’s passion, dreams, goals and more. We can assure you this guy will amaze you in someway or another.

We talked about (roughly in order):

  • 00:35 Who is Geordie?
  • 12:53 What does he define painful?
  • 18:57 What does he love?
  • 18:57 What does he love?
  • 31:00 What does he wish?
  • 33:38 What is success for him?
  • 36:43 Wrapping up