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Johnie Hjelm

Johnie Hjelm

I am someone who aspires to positively change the world someday, I drink coffee like it's religious holy water, and may have an unhealthy obsession with my work. But creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion. My mission in life is to create awesome things and enjoy each moment of it.

I am a firm believer in well crafted design that stands the test of time, meaning everything I create is thought out, nurtured and cared for to make sure that it is the best possible product I can produce.

I am a self proclaimed minimalist, and to prove that I keep my designs and code simple. When a design is loaded with many complicated designs/images and colors, I feel the message of a project is lost. Often complicated designs and numerous images are misinterpreted as a definition of a good website, or simply put, people are often mistaken of the more the better.

I love what I do. Helping companies improve their business through web development and branding. No matter the size of a project, I deliver with great enthusiasm and passion. I work with agile methods, resulting in active and healthy relationships with our clients. I don’t blindly follow a recipe. I break it down into the ingredients, add a few spices and cook not only what you want, but what you need.

Particularly I enjoy working for small startups as I can integrate my expertise as an IT specialist into the product design. Big or small, whatever your corporations size or number of operations may be, if you enjoy simple designing and to the point information, I am at your service.

I love casual meetings with a nice cup of coffee. Also, feel free to stalk me on twitter.