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Viktor Johansson

Viktor Johansson

I consider myself as a team player. For almost all my life I’ve been playing in different teams and constellations when it comes to sports. I’ve been a team captain, coaching youngsters and led big groups. To be able to rejoice together when achieving a great goal, support each other after defeat and develop together as one is incredibly enriching. This is something I’ve carried with me into my professional career working in IT and has helped me a lot.

Testing (especially mobile) is something I’m passionate about. I see testing as a great support for development and would use the abbreviation “QA” as Quality Assistance rather than Quality Assurance. We can’t Assure anyone 100% quality but we can Assist in making greater software. I’m also a strong believer in the agile methodology. I push for openness within an organisation and I strive to make everyone involve in the QA process. I’m a big fan of dog fooding and I believe it’s extremely important that everyone tests. Not only developers and testers but all the way to marketing and finance. To keep everything visual are of great importance to me and I love to put up dashboards, matrics and putting up newsletters on the bathroom door.

I love working with Startups. It’s exiting to participate in shaping a company from scratch. The rapid development of a startup is something that kickstarts my brain machinery. The feeling to be able to gather the whole company in one room and to have exiting speech about tomorrow is something that makes one push even harder and to turn the impossible to something possible.

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